Meet Myrna

Where do I begin?
Some thirty-eight years ago,
 in beautiful Deer Lake, Newfoundland,
I met the love of my life, Bradford.

That Was Then
This Is Now

We married and had five wonderful children.
Vance, Ryan, Lori Ann, Sarah and Caleb.
I stayed home and took care of them.

I met Jesus, and brought them to Emmanuel Pentecostal Church,
where I led Sunday School Children's Ministry
 and Ladies Bible Study and other stuff in between.

Thirty years went by, like a morning mist.
Here and gone.

Which is why I tell mamas and papas whenever I can,

Slow. It. Down.

Now there are six
of the most
beautiful, witty, entertaining, kind,
and cherished grand children in the whole wide world;
Abigail, Isaac, Jorja, Joelle, Zyan and Zeke.
And you know I am not at all biased in this area. :))

A few short years ago, I went to work.
Taking care of children and families
and the staff of the Tree House Family Resource Centre.
I love family. They're important.

But God is my centre. 
In Him I live and move and have my being.

He teaches me so much. I mess up a lot.
 Yet His River of Grace keeps flowing.
He's teaching me how to love;
that everyday is a gift.

And so I walk, read, pick berries, work, laugh, write, pull weeds,
drink tea with family and friends, enjoy my children's children
and in the wonder of the everyday sacred stuff,
He speaks.
His Words are everywhere.
Day unto day utters speech...
I worship Him.