If You Wonder

If you should wonder why my blog address is 


I was coming into my basement one afternoon the end of August 
when something on the floor caught my eye. 
At a glance, it seemed to be a hoppin’ dust bunny!

Curious, I got down on my knee to have a closer look. 
It was a tiny frog.
He must have been hopping around the basement for quite sometime. 
While he was hopping, he had gathered a grand collection of dust bunnies, 
to the point, you could hardly recognize he was a frog.

In pity, I scooped the little critter up in one of my grandson’s rubber boots
and brought him back to the great outdoors. 
I tried my best to pull the dust bunnies off his body and legs, 
but he still hopped away dragging a few behind him.

Hopefully, the first puddle, a good rain, 

or a dip in the river behind our home would take care of the rest.

As I went up over the basement stairs I couldn’t help but smile. 
God speaks in mysterious ways. I thought of a scripture in Psalm 119,

My soul cleaves unto the dust, 
quicken thou me according to thy Word.

That’s a statement of fact, followed by a prayer. 
The psalmist noticed that the dust of this world stuck fast to his soul
and so he prayed right after. 
Quicken thou me according to your Word. 

Quicken is old English meaning to bring alive, to revive
As I thought of my dust bunny friend and the words of the Psalmist, 
I couldn’t help but say, 
Father, am I like that frog with the dust of this world stuck fast to my soul?
And I had to stop and pray,
Lord quicken me according to your Word. 

As we live life, so many things cleave to us. 
Fear. Anger. Envy. Pride. Impatience. Doubt. Failure. 
How entangled we get with the affairs of this life.

The dust gathers. 
In the dark, we lose sight of Him. 
We lose our joy. 
We no longer think, speak, or act like Jesus.

The victorious Christian life is not about never having a struggle. 
It’s not about never being discouraged or tempted. 
It is not even about never knowing failure. 

It's about a continual returning to God.

going back to the source of joy, peace and strength. 
It’s about opening the windows of your soul 
and allowing the streams of the Spirit to make your heart glad.

I was in my kitchen one day, doing dishes 
with the dust of the journey gathering in my soul. 
Feeling the burdens and cares of life, I put on a worship song. 

Truth is a powerful force. 

As I began to sing, my windows opened toward Heaven 
and God sent a stream of His Spirit into my soul.

In a moment, I went from dust bunny to deep river 
as He lifted me to sit with Him in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

With tears rolling down my face, 
I stopped the dishes and picked up my two-year-old grandson, 
who had his hands in the dishwater too. 
I raised one hand, he raised two, 
and we danced and worshipped God together.
You will not find a sweeter moment 
then when God touches you and you literally feel 
the river of His Spirit flowing through your life, 
the streams making you glad.  
You won’t find it in a TV, you won’t find it in a store. 
You won’t even find it in another person. 

God says, 
in my Presence is fullness of joy, 
at my right hand are pleasures forevermore.

In His River of Grace, there are waters to swim in, 
just for you