Sunday, 15 January 2017

Create a Good Day

My alarm went off one morning.
I turned over to hit snooze for another 10 minutes. 
As I was reaching for it, I heard the voice of Phillip Earle, CEO of Air Labrador 
being interviewed on CBC radio. 

His voice filled with emotion as he explained why they were putting 
the hashtag # Create a Good Day on their new Twin Otter aircraft. 
He talked about a young woman, named Duru 
who had inspired so many.

Her life and words "create a good day" had left a legacy,
and they wanted to honour her.

  As I finished listening... I realized, 
I needed to know more 
about Dorothy Angnatok...Duru.

I read everything I could find about this amazing young woman.
Her friendship with the Olympian Clara Hughes,

the bike ride through Nain,
how she poured her life into at-risk youth through her leadership in,
Going Off Growing Strong,

and especially her words ...
create a good day.

She had such a heart for those who struggled.
She struggled too...and in January of last year, 
had taken her own life.

I believe it was God who stopped my hand that morning.
From turning off my alarm. 
Duru's life was precious to God. 

All life is precious to God.
There is a cross that says so.

Over the next few weeks... there were some difficult days,
And when I was overwhelmed,
Duru's  words would come to me,
Create a good day. 

And then I would think 
of all that the Saviour had done 
to give me 
a good day.

In a couple of months I would be leaving with a team 
to travel to Duru's home town and to minister to the children there.
And I felt, I have to write about this.
I have to write a song and share it
with the children and the people of Nain.

Over the next few days, 
these words were written... 

Create a Good Day
(Duru’s Song)

Vs 1
Pick up for your brother, 
and lift the one who falls.

Tell your girl, you're lookin' beautiful, 
Tell your boy, that's a good job.
Help papa bring the wood in, 
Kiss mama just for fun.
Turn the darkness into sunshine, 
A good day, has just begun.

Create a good day 
like Duru used to say.
Hear her call to one and all
Be proud of who you are.
The storms will make you strong
Believe and you'll be brave.
Let's sing Duru’s song, Create a Good Day.

You gotta make a good... make a good day
Whatever comes your way... comes your way.
Just stand and say... stand and say
I’ll make a good day... make a good day.
You gotta stop and pray... stop and pray,
Drive the dark away... dark away
You gotta look for the good,
It’ll be okay. 

Vs 2
Thank you God I'm breathin' 
And the rising sun I see.

This day is a gift from You
To open, carefully. 
Our land is filled with wonders
All around us, everywhere
The mountains, and the valleys
And the salty ocean air.

The week before we left,
 I shared the story and the song with the team,
And they felt like I did,
touched by the life of Dorothy Angnatok.

We left July 10th. 
Our flight went from Deer Lake to Goose Bay to Nain.
As we settled in our seats, one of the team up ahead
called to me and held up the airline magazine.
We all had one
 in the pocket of the seat ahead of us.

We felt His Presence,
He was with us.

On the last leg of the journey, 
the small plane was filled with cargo and people.

As we dipped over the mountain,
I saw Nain for the first time. 

My heart and eyes took in the scene below.
I wanted every moment to matter.

The wheels of the plane touched down on the dirt "tarmac".

Our "airport limo" pulled up
to escort us to our final destination.
All ten piled in.

As we drove to the house where we would stay for the next seven days,
the heart stretching began.

The week would be filled. 

With breathtaking beauty.

The view from my window, first morning in Nain

Belly-loads of laughter. 

Prayer and praise.



VBS fun!



Precious children.


Precious people.

At the close of every day
we sang Duru's Song, 
Create a Good Day with the children.

We sang it during the radio broadcast.

The children sang it for the closing service at the Moravian church.

Every day in Nain was a good day.
Seven good days created by His grace. His love.

The morning we left, I looked out my window one last time.
One last look over these homes... families.
My eyes went to the harbour. 
The clouds seem to open and a stream of light came from the sky.

Breathing out prayers, 
I whispered,

Yes God,
Create good days for the people of Nain.
Fill their hearts with the light of your love.
Keep the children safe and in your care,
And may they know 
just how precious 
they are to You.