Saturday, 18 June 2016

Thank you Dad

Thank you Dad...

FOR keeping your promises.

When you say we'll go, we go.

It helps me know that God will keep His word and
I can trust Him.
We sure had fun fishing the other day.

Thank you Dad...

FOR getting up before the sun
and working in the heat of the day
and deep winter cold
so there's food on our table.

It helps me know I can depend on God.
And thanks for taking us for ice cream. It was real good.

Thank you Dad...

FOR lovin mama, and giving her all those hugs and kisses

and taking good care of her.
It makes me feel safe.

I know God will always love me. He will never leave me or forsake me.
Next time you and mama go out, I'll try not to cry.

Thank you Dad...

FOR reading God's book and talking to Him about me
Even when you're tired.

That's probably why you're such a good Dad.
You depend on God a lot, don't you?
I heard you asking God to take care of me.
I'm gonna pray and read His book too.

Thank you Dad...

FOR listening to me with your eyes.

It makes me feel important.
And when you told me I did a good job
I was so glad you were proud of me.
God is proud of me too.

Thank you Dad...

FOR strong arms that hug and hold and lift me high.

Your hand is always there to steady me.

Don't stop Dad even when I'm old.

God's love is real isn't it?

Cause I can feel your love.

Thank you Dad...
FOR saying, I'm sorry
It teaches me every one is wrong some time,
I don't have to be perfect.

And when I mess up, God will forgive me.
Just like I forgive you.

Thank you Dad...

FOR taking the time to play with me.

I must matter a lot to you.
I know you're real busy with all this Dad stuff
but we sure had fun yesterday.
I love it when you laugh.

You know Dad, you remind me of God
You're a lot like Him.
Thanks for loving me.
I sure love you.