Saturday, 18 June 2016

Thank you Dad

Thank you Dad...

FOR keeping your promises.

When you say we'll go, we go.

It helps me know that God will keep His word and
I can trust Him.
We sure had fun fishing the other day.

Thank you Dad...

FOR getting up before the sun
and working in the heat of the day
and deep winter cold
so there's food on our table.

It helps me know I can depend on God.
And thanks for taking us for ice cream. It was real good.

Thank you Dad...

FOR lovin mama, and giving her all those hugs and kisses

and taking good care of her.
It makes me feel safe.

I know God will always love me. He will never leave me or forsake me.
Next time you and mama go out, I'll try not to cry.

Thank you Dad...

FOR reading God's book and talking to Him about me
Even when you're tired.

That's probably why you're such a good Dad.
You depend on God a lot, don't you?
I heard you asking God to take care of me.
I'm gonna pray and read His book too.

Thank you Dad...

FOR listening to me with your eyes.

It makes me feel important.
And when you told me I did a good job
I was so glad you were proud of me.
God is proud of me too.

Thank you Dad...

FOR strong arms that hug and hold and lift me high.

Your hand is always there to steady me.

Don't stop Dad even when I'm old.

God's love is real isn't it?

Cause I can feel your love.

Thank you Dad...
FOR saying, I'm sorry
It teaches me every one is wrong some time,
I don't have to be perfect.

And when I mess up, God will forgive me.
Just like I forgive you.

Thank you Dad...

FOR taking the time to play with me.

I must matter a lot to you.
I know you're real busy with all this Dad stuff
but we sure had fun yesterday.
I love it when you laugh.

You know Dad, you remind me of God
You're a lot like Him.
Thanks for loving me.
I sure love you.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Life is a gift

Mother's Day has just passed and three of us mommas
were asked to share from our season of motherhood.

In years gone by, 
I've talked about the toddler season and the teens. 
But there I was; the older mother, grandma. 

My youngest is 21 and the oldest 38 and 
there's three in between. 
I'm not always sure of their ages, cause it changes every year.
But one thing is for sure. 
It is a blessing and honour, 
to be in this season.

And this is why.

Here they are a few years ago.

And these,
grew up to be these.   

And now I have these.  

I am rich.
Mothering never ends. 
The circle just gets wider. 
And you realize, time goes by really fast. 

Like the morning mist, here and gone. 

And when you catch a glimpse of the big picture, 
you see how precious life is. 
You learn to cherish the everyday “little” moments.

And it all becomes important.

Like conversations with these little people. 

Remember that stage when your children or grandchildren were around 3 or 4,
and they want to know everything
and whatever you say, is followed by "why?". 
When my grandson Isaac was in that stage, he's 10 now, 
I used to love answering his whys just to see where they would end up.

And I noticed if you kept going long enough 
it usually ended with God.

Everything has to go back to God.
After all, "In the beginning..." 

It used to go like this;

Nan, where's Pop? 
Gone to get a coffee.
Cause he really likes coffee and talkin to his friends.
Cause people like to have friends and talk to each other.
That's how God made us, to need each other.
So we'd know that friends are important.
Cause God wants to be our best friend.
Why Nan?
Because he loves us and He knows He's the best friend we could ever have.

Sometimes if I never had the time, I'd just have to end it with 
"just because Isaac, just because" 
and he'd say "Nan, you're not allowed to say because".

I came across something in an old journal the other day… 

The title was, Isaac's salvation.
It reads...

What a privelege and blessing it is to help someone find Christ 
and an even greater privilege and blessing when it is your grandchild.
Isaac loves to hear “God” stories. 
When I tucked him in tonight he wanted to hear the story of Daniel again 
and then one question led to another. 
Oh what questions he has! 
Why does God love us so much? 
I explained how he lovingly created us and breathed His spirit into ours, 
how sin separated us from God, 
how Jesus died for our sin, 
how we have to ask Him into our hearts to be forgiven.
Isaac prayed so sincerely. 
He said he could hear God knocking on His brain. 
After he prayed he said, Nan is that it? Is He in my heart?
How simply wonderful is the gospel, that a child can understand.
I pray he will always be drawn to You Lord. 
Protect his life, keep him safe ...may he always love and serve you. 
Thank you for the blessing of Isaac.

Mamas and papas,grandmas and grandpas,
Tell them the story of Jesus.
Write on their heart every word.

Make the most of the moments you have together. 
Don't fuss over the small stuff. 
Life is racing by 
and when I look at the busyness of young families today, 
I want to gently say,
slow it down.

It's important that our children be involved in things 
and discover the gifts that God has given them. 
But when the storm comes, 
they will need an anchor.
They need to know a Saviour they can lean on.

Pop and I went to Edmonton at the beginning of March 
and for two weeks we did stuff that little boys like to do.

Pop hanging up the Cheerio bird feeder

Snowball baseball

       Pop's tattoo shop

Mixels and more mixels...

Robot creation Z2M2

Off to the playground with our grabbers

Down the slide again.

The building of the two-seater spaceship.

Momma brought home two apple boxes from Costco.
They were perfect for a two-seater space ship.
We used tongue depressors for gear shifts.
The boys got side-tracked and started "sword" fighting. 😃


All you need is; 
tuck/duct tape, 2 apple boxes, cardboard, tongue depressors, 3 party cups,
1 long shoelace (attached to the wings to make them move up and down).
The name & teeth were Pops idea.

Control panel

 View from behind

The second last night before we left, I stayed up til 1 am
writing clues for a scavenger hunt. 
The last clue would lead to a surprise hidden behind their pictures
 on the fireplace mantle. 
I wanted them to have something fun to do the day we left 
so they wouldn't be sad. 
Their father told me they had so much fun 
they wanted to keep putting back the clues 
so they could do it over and over and over again 
until their parents patience wore out.

Spend time with them. 
Children really do spell love, time.

The last night before we left, I tucked Zyan in bed.
He's five.
I read a story and prayed with him, hugged and kissed.
And then I went to find Zeke, who's 3.  
He was in the basement with Dad and Pop. 
Dad was down there playing guitar.
As I came down over the stairs, he was coming up from the basement. 
I asked him if he wanted me to tuck him in bed.

He shook his head.
"No. Waiting for Dad," he said.
I tried to make bedtime sound exciting.
Nan will read you a story, we can do Goldilocks and the Three Bears!!
He said it louder.
"NO...waiting for Dad."

They'll wait for you Dad.

He lay down on the bottom step,
on his belly with his blanket under his head.
Just big enough to fit on the step.
In seconds he was sound asleep. 
So I waited before trying to move him and carry him up to bed.

And then, I realized,
I didn't get one last hug.
I was gonna be gone in the morning. 
We were leaving at 4:30.
And my heart got right heavy as I thought back over the week.

Did I tell enough stories, sing enough songs? 
Could we have played another game of hide n seek? 
Could we have gone to the playground a few more times? 
Maybe I could have kissed them more...

So I took my heavy heart to the Lord. 
I stretched out my hands over him and began to pray.

Father watch over him, watch over his brother. 
Keep them safe. Thank You for their brother love. 
May they grow to be kind and good. 
I pray Father, they will seek you and be strong men of God 
with a passion to love as You love. 
Watch over their Mom and Dad, 
may their love for each other grow
and Father...draw them close to you.

They will always need our prayers.

So pray about everything, however that looks. 
Whether it's crying out to Him in the storm 
or simply thanking Him for the sunshine.

Joelle, who is 6, was over for supper one evening. 
It was her, myself and Pop. 
Usually she says grace, but I said it that evening.

I simply said, 
Thank you Lord for the food, and the sunshine today.
The sunshine was beautiful.
She looked up at me and said, "Nan that was a REALLY good prayer.


And then there is His Word. 
If ever there was a day in which mothers and fathers 
need to know God's Word, it's today. 
God tells us, no, He commands us, more than once, 
to put His Word in our heart and soul.
And then He says, teach your children, 
and then He says talk about it 
when you sit in your house and
when you walk by the way and
 when you lay down and
when you rise up.

That sounds like all the time to me,
wherever and whenever you can.

Every opportunity you get.

Joelle and Abby and I, have been learning God's Word together.

Joelle can say Genesis 1:1

Abby knows
Proverbs 3:5,6, 
Phil 4:13, 
Romans 8:28, 
John 3:16, 
and all the verses of Psalm 23. 
And since Sept we've been working on the beatitudes in Matt chapter five. 
We almost got them down pat.

And where are we when we learn God's Word?

In the car.

I have the privilege to drive them to school in the morning.
You cherish stuff like that when you're in this season.

But it's not enough to be able to say it, 
you gotta talk about it.

Blessed are the poor in Spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.
What does it mean to be poor in spirit?
To be humble and see your need of God,
cause if you never need Him, the Kingdom of heaven will never be yours.

I’ve noticed in this season you get to give your children advice. 
Oh yes I know, you do that in every mother season.

But now they listen, really listen. 
In fact, they even call to ask for advice.

When Isaac returned home last August 
after being with us for the summer,
I sent his momma this email.

I encourage you, be consistent and firm. 
Remind him when he argues, 
You love him too much to let him do everything he wants.

But most of all, find a time in your day to connect,
really connect with him. 
He needs to know he is enjoyed.

Don't rush bedtime. 
You have 20 minutes to hear his heart and to share yours. 
We've started talking about the "high and low" parts of our day. 
Its so important that children (and adults) learn to put words to their feelings. 
Boys can sometimes struggle with this. 
When we talked before bed, he would share the lowest part of his day 
and then I would share mine. 
This is important. 
They begin to understand that their feelings matter 
and that most days are filled with the good and the sad.
And that, is okay. 
It's normal. 
By both of you sharing your highs and your lows, 
he understands that he's not alone.
Others go through the same things he does.
Don't try to “fix” the lows. Just pray about them. 
And for the high points of your day, just thank God for them.

Watch the first and last five (minutes). 
When he wakes in the morning (works for grown-ups too), be glad. 
Give him a hug. Kiss him every opportunity you get. 
When he goes out the door, for the last 5 minutes before he leaves, 
say something positive.
"The Lord bless you and keep you
and make his face shine on you and give you peace"
or just, "I love you, Isaac Scott Moss."
The first 5 when you meet him after school or work is important. 
Focus on him. Let those first five minutes be positive. 
“I’m so glad to see you. Did I ever miss you today!” 

 And I end with bedtime, again. 
The last five of the day needs to be positive. 
To be able to go to sleep feeling good about yourself and your world 
is a gift that no amount of money will buy.

Finally, 😊 be kind to yourself. 
As a parent, you won't always get it right. 
I messed up lots of times.
It's okay to let him know that.
I remember one night, I was praying and asking God to forgive me
and he interrupted. " Nan don't you always do things right?" 
I was happy to let him know I didn't 
and that we all make mistakes.

They grow up fast.  
Cherish the little stuff.  
Love, mom

Whatever season you are in today,
stay as close to God as you can.

Hide His Word in your heart,
teach your children and talk about it.

Pray about everything.

Treasure every moment.
Life is a gift.