Friday, 27 November 2015

The Refugee Question

 A friend asked... the refugee question.
What are we to do?

And I thought of His Words in the book of Matthew. 

And the King shall answer and say unto them,
Verily I say unto you,
Inasmuch as ye have done it
unto one of the least
of these my brethren,
ye have done it unto me.
Matthew 25:40

This verse is not about people seeing Jesus in us.
It's about us, seeing Jesus in people.

What compels a missionary
to leave the safety and comfort of home,
to lay everything down to share love and hope?

This truth.

When you  hold a child who's living with HIV, 
you hold Jesus.


When you rescue a sex slave from the brothels of Cambodia, 
you rescue Jesus.


When you go to Senegal and teach those who cannot hear,
You teach Jesus.


When you sit with a grieving mama
who's lost her daughter and son to Isis terror,
you sit with Jesus.


When you go to Russia to build a set of swings for an orphan boy,
you build swings for Jesus.


When you give 50 years and more
so 500 addicts can live free,
you give 50 years to free Jesus.


When you share your supper
under the Boardwalk with the man who sleeps on cardboard
you share supper with Jesus.


In the face of any fear,
I will open my heart to a refugee. 
I will open my heart to Jesus.
His truth will be my truth. 
By His grace,
I will live ....and die by it.

I wrote in my journal some time ago.

Reading in Ecclesiastes this morning,
"He that observes the wind shall not sow and
he that regards the clouds shall not reap."

So much in this little verse.
How we want everything to be just right-
no risk to our selves;
afraid to love unless we are loved first.
We want to be guaranteed a return for our investment.
So we watch and wait.
But this verse tells us what will happen if we do.

No harvest.
 A sobering thought.

Dear Lord Jesus,

thank you for dying for me when
the wind was howling
and the clouds were dark.
The scene looked pretty bleak.

Your own people condemned You,

Judas betrayed, Peter denied.
The world must have seemed hopeless, 
certainly not a sure thing,
yet you risked it all for the hopeless looking bunch-
me included.

Lord, may I follow in your steps.

Keep me sowing seeds of love
even in the storm.
Your Word is incorruptible seed.
There will be a harvest.

Love never fails.

1. Avis Reidout
Nikki's Place Agape Home

2. Don Brewster
Agape International Missions

3. Jane and Guy Penney
Missionaries in Dakar, Senegal

4. Maurice Tulk

7. Caleb Moss
My son in California at a conference for school