Friday, 19 June 2015

A Letter To Momma

Dear Momma,

I know it was love at first sight. 

I could tell by that look in your eyes 
when you held me 


and the softness of your voice 
when you spoke.


But, I guess you’ve realized by now 
that  honeymoons 
don’t last forever.

I know there have been days 
I’ve  been a challenge 

and I’ve sort of 
turned your day upside down.


I seem to make you late for a lot of stuff 
and I have a way of messin’ up everyone’s schedule.

But Mom, 
thanks for keeping me on your priority list. 
I know I’m at least in the top three.

Soon I'll be more independant.
Things will be different then, 
not better or worse, 
just different. 

So mom,
for today

let's just treasure,
all the moments we can.

Let's make memories today,
and tomorrow...

tomorrow will bring us lots 
of new adventures.

I love you mom.