Monday, 13 October 2014

Just One Day

I call them sticky burr verses.
You know the ones.
They stick fast to your soul. 
Make you feel uncomfortable. 
Reminding you what you should be doing.

This was one of them.

But exhort one another daily, 
while it is called Today; 
lest any of you be hardened
through the deceitfulness of sin
Hebrews 3:13.

And through it,
 He said to me,

We can't do it alone.
Life is hard,
A few days of trouble.

Encourage each other.

This is why we come together.

Lunch or tea.
Bible study.
A Sunday service. 
We were never meant to go it alone. 
We need each other.

Our hearts get hard
in just 

Even our children, 
these blessings 
that God has so graciously given us 
can take tremendous time and energy,
stretch us to despair. 

I was speaking with a young momma one day. 
I love her honesty.

These children just bring out the worst in me; 
a part I never knew was there before. 
I was giving my son a fork 
and he didn't like the one I had given him, 
so I had to go and get another 
and with gritted teeth 
I felt like cracking it in half...

Momma, its okay.
When you're sleep deprived 
and it's been three years 
since you've had a minute to call your own.
It's okay. 

But I also want to say, 
be watchful, 
because Satan can slip in his deceitfulness 
and start with his lies.

See, you're not really a good mother, 
you don't even like these kids. 
Why bother reading your Bible? 
You'll only get a minute 
and then you'll have to stop. 
You're too tired to pray. 
It's too much work for you to get out to church. 
You're not going to get anything 
out of that Bible study, 
stay home...

How long 
does it take 
for this to happen?


This is why we 
to come together. 
This is why we need 
another momma soldier, 
who's been there, 
to get down in the trench of motherhood, 
put an arm around the struggling one 
and say,

God wants you to know, 
you're doin' a great job 
and you're a great mom. 
It won't always be like this. 
He hears your sighs. 
Turn them into prayers, 
just point them heavenward.

Your words 
help to lift 
the burden of mother guilt 
from her weary shoulders, 
which already carry too much, 
and together you head for the Well.

We need encouragement 
every day, 
because our hearts 
get cranky and crusty 
and that gentle word of encouragement 
just drops in some living water 
and we find the strength 
to lift our heads 
and look to Jesus one more time 
and say, 
Yes, we can do this.

Then there are husbands, 
this gift from God 
that teaches so much about grace 
and gives us opportunity 
after opportunity 
to get the forgiveness process right. 
How many times 
does Jesus say 
we need to forgive? 
Seventy times seven? 


Did you mean that for one day Lord?

It's early morning, 
and he sleeps 
through the 4:30 to 6 am 
rocking of the babe 
with the fever, 
who only wants Momma, 
who has to leave for work in just an hour. 

when evening comes, 
when Momma is looking for help with dirty dishes 
and some good back and forth conversation, 
he watches the men on the TV, catching fish.

And Satan starts with his lies again.

This man 
who has this tall order to love you 
as Christ loved the church.
He’s not measuring up,
you deserve better.

The root of resentment starts to grow, 
twining around the heart, 
squeezing out the thankfulness 
and the promise made to God, 
for better or worse.

How long does it take 
all this to happen?


Once again 
we need a sister soldier 
to climb down in the trench 
and give the wounded one a hug 
and whisper words of truth. 

You never LOSE by loving.

Jesus poured out His soul unto death 
lose by loving.

You help her to find her armour, 
put it back on 
and in the heat of battle 
you share Jesus, 
cool living water.

you find your way back to the Well.
At the Well, 
hearts stay soft and tender. 
At the Well, 
you feel loved. 
When you're loved, 
you have what it takes 
to end the day with forgiveness, 
a clean slate 
keeps no record of wrongs.

And we never get to 491.

As you read these words, 
maybe you feel you are a sister soldier 
with not much to give. 
It's here in this place called spirituality 
that Satan roars the loudest.

It’s here he tells his biggest lies, 
telling us that we are of no value to Jesus 
and to the Kingdom of God, 
that the little we have 
is not gonna do anything for anyone.

It causes us to take out the measuring stick
 and we measure ourselves by others.

We listen to his deceit.

You can't pray.  
You can't sing like sister so and so.
You don't know the Bible very well. 
You have nothing to give.

And our Heavenly Father, 
in His infinite wisdom and grace, 
has to step in and say,

Give me the stick, 
you're gonna hurt yourself.

There are no measuring sticks in my Kingdom. 
You are accepted in the Beloved.

I love you 
as much as I love my Son.

You are my workmanship 
created in Christ Jesus 
and my Son 
is the 
of your faith.

It's His story.

It's here 
in this place of being loved, 
this place of freedom, 
that we realize, 
He has given so much. 
Grace on top of grace. 
And then we want to do the same.

God doesn't waste anything. 
Whatever we go through, 
He can use to strengthen others.

Every trial we've proved him through 
can be turned into bread 
to feed a hungry sister.

If He has been our comfort, 
we have something to give. 
It's just about loving, 
about being real with each other.
Caring enough to share 
what Jesus has done for you.

It's then, 
we take another look 
at our little fish 'n brewis lunch, 
and give thanks 
and say, 
Here Lord. 
All that I have 
and all that I am 
is Yours. 
Do whatever You will.

And when we reach out
and put it back
in the hands of
can feed a multitude
in just